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December 2017

Music Notes

Members of the Choir are rehearsing for one of the busiest times in the Church year.
Last month they helped to lead a very moving Civic Service on Remembrance Sunday, singing a modern anthem by Karl Jenkins, 'For the Fallen', inspired by the last post.
On Advent Sunday the Choir will join with singers from Morriston r
Tabernacle and Cardiff Bach Choirs to perform Handel's Messiah. The
concert is likely to be a sell out and will be the first time this great Oratorio will have been performed at All Saints' with orchestra in many years. We hope that it will be a regular feature of the run up to Christmas.
During Advent the choir will again sing a Mass Setting written by Luke Spencer and based on plainsong melodies. It's one that the congregation can easily join in.
The choir will lead the Bereavement Carol Service on 10th December and the annual Lifeboat Carol Service on the 1 7th. They are also preparing to get into festive mood when they lead the singing at Norton Village Carols on 20th December.
The highlight for the Choir is the joy of singing at the Christmas Eve Vigil Mass. It's always a packed Church and the music is so uplifting.
We continue to welcome new choristers and would love to see some more young singers join us. Choir rehearsals are always a mixture of hard work and great fun.
This month marks the second year that Luke and Hywel have been Director of Music and Organist. Under them the Choir continues to go from strength to strength. We thank them for their music ministry and we also thank the congregation for their support.
Happy Christmas.


The Fellowship met on Tuesday 22nd November 2007. This was to be the last meeting of the year and perhaps this accounted for the Chairman Les welcomed the assembly with characteristic bonhomie and went on to distribute the application forms for the Annual Dinner. As ever, he had to stress the importance of an early response in order to finalise arrangements with the Bristol Channel Yacht Club. This response will, of course, fall upon deaf ears and some members will be denied a place because of their tardiness. Then he introduced the speaker for the night, Mr. Stuart Eley, a retired Prison Governor. Mr. Eley started the evening in surprising fashion. He gave a brief account of his ancestry which had a trail going far back into the history of Mumbles and with its ramifications he could claim connection with just about every old Mumbles family. With this established he then set about the serious business of the evening knowing that he was on a firm footing.
This was a polished and well researched lecture. The history of the early prison system was related and how it progressed to the modern system with its more humane approach to the malefactor.
Mr. Eley described his long and steady ascent up the ladder from the humblest of rank to that of Governor and, it was obvious, that during that climb he never lost his respect for his less fortunate fellow man. He was rewarded with warm applause.The evening finished with a top class buffet enjoyed by one and all.
The next function is the Annual Dinner in January 2018 at the BCYC. I repeat your Chairman's imploration: Please return your dinner application form as soon as possible!!! 
Normal Fellowship meetings resume in February 2018:
February 20th. Graham Lewis Esq. A top retired Head Teacher will talk on his professional experiences.
March 20th. Veteran soldier, Bryn Colley Esq. will talk on.. "The Sappers!".
April 17th "Speaker of the Year". Subject to be announced. Volunteers now please!! Remember! Your friends are always welcome at the All Saints Men's Fellowship. On behalf of Chairman Les Harris, and his Committee:
"Merry Christmas to One and All!"

M. E.G. Notes

We had an excellent evening when we welcomed Bill from Air Ambulance, it was a most informative talk, and we were all amazed at the equipment that they carried, so that so many lives can be saved.
We meet next for our lunch during January, venue to be confirmed. Names please to Merlys, Anne or Brenda.
I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all A Very Happy Christmas, and a Healthy New Year.
Looking forward to seeing you in 2018.

October 2017

Churches Together in Mumbles

During October The Churches Together in Mumbles Group set up an exhibition in All Saints Church.

After discussions regarding 2017 - 500 years after the beginning of the Reformation - the single churches looked into the history of their own church here in the Mumbles area, and display boards were exhibited around the church, depicting the history of the various churches and the life of the churches today.


M.E.G. Notes

We welcomed Brian Davies as our speaker this evening, who gave us an insight on "Mumbles and Cower Through Time", it was an excellent talk.

November 13th is the date for our next meeting when we will be having a
talk by Paul Channing from the Air Ambulance, this should be a most

interesting evening, please ladies show your support. Friends are welcome also.

It was with sadness that we heard of the passing of Jean Williams, one of our faithful members, and we extend our sincere sympathy to Jean's family.



Men's Fellowship

The Fellowship met on Tuesday, 17th October 2017. Chairman Les Harris welcomed the large assembly in his usual affable way and, with the help of Tony Roberts, managed to completely bewilder those present with his discourse on the coming Annual Dinner. The date, the venue, was understood but the choice of menu was the source of confusion; however, by the time the application forms are distributed [next meeting] surely all this will be resolved.

Les then went on to introduce the speaker for the night, Mr, Adrian Davies.


Mr. Davies has recently been discharged from the Royal Navy after a very long career which started at the age of 18. Via training establishments, HMS Raleigh and Collinwood, Adrian eventually was trained to serve in HM Submarine Service. Over the years, he rose steadily through the ranks to become a Chief Petty Officer Artificer in nuclear submarines - a most prestigious rank in this elite corps.

With tremendous enthusiasm and verve, Adrian gave us a wonderful insight into the life of a submariner in these gigantic vessels. He spoke with awe of its striking power and its incredible range. He spoke of the underwater tours and how their duration is limited only by the need for restocking food supplies. Well illustrated by slides, we saw the restricted size of the sleeping accommodation and the ship's galley which had to feed 160 men. He spoke of the reliability and incredible performance of the Rolls Royce nuclear reactors and, when asked afterwards, stated that he was unaware of any crew member ever having suffered from any form of radiation.

Adrian has retained his RN connection in that he is now employed in the Royal Navy recruiting establishment in Swansea. There could be no better man in this job.

Tony Cottle, Roger Beynon and Michael Charles have signed on for 22 years. We shall miss them, but the Fellowship will send food parcels.

At the end of what was a spellbinding discourse, the Fellowship responded with prolonged applause. The evening concluded with a top class, carefully prepared buffet. A truly wonderful evening.

Next meeting which is the last before Christmas, will be held on:

Tuesday 21st November. The speaker is Mr. Stuart Eley. Bring a friend!

Grafton Maggs