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Welcome to our Parish Website


We are an active family church serving the community of Oystermouth and visitors alike. You are welcome at any of our services:

Sunday:                   Weekdays

8am:      Holy Eucharist                Holy Eucharist

10am      Choral Eucharist             10am: Monday,Tuesday,Friday

5pm        Evening Service              10.30am: Wednesday

                as announced                      7.30pm: Thursday

                                                                        Holy Days & Saints Days -as announced

Children's Church 

during the 10am Choral Eucharist - children can go out for their own Messy Church- with lots for them to do and play with.

ASH WEDNESDAY         Wednesday 1st March

10.30am: HOLY EUCHARIST & Imposition of Ashes

7pm: CHORAL EUCHARIST & Imposition of Ashes

at Holy Cross, West Cross [a Combined Mumbles Ministry Area Service]

Sunday Service at Norton Mission

11.15am Holy Eucharist


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