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June 2018 

M.E.G. Notes 

We had a wonderful evening when we welcomed Dr John Rees U s our speaker. It was an excellent talk, and was a surprise to one and all that Yellow Fever came to Swansea. Thank you so much John. You will be very welcome to come to speak to us again.
I must say a special thank you for the Ladies and Gentlemen who came to support, we had a wonderful response, and I can safely say a good time was had by all.
We meet next month on 11th June, and we have pleasure in welcoming Hywel Evans, who will be entertaining us with a Piano Recital This will be held in the Church. Again we welcome male as well as female. This I can promise you will be a great evening.


The Fellowship met on Tuesday 15th May 2018. Although this meeting had been advertised in last month's report there was a poor attendance because of confusion about the date. This was a shame because the quality of the evening's talk more than lived up to expectations.
Chairman Les Harris welcomed the assembly and, in his preamble, described the Fellowship's contribution to the newly launched Church Clock Fund. A contribution of £1000.00 was being made from Fellowship reserves and this coupled with a donation from the Community Council and proceeds from book sales is giving the scheme a flying start. It is hoped that all members of the Fellowship will contribute by taking part in the 'Buy an Hour' scheme as described in the Church Magazine and which was launched this week. It's not asking a lot, only costing £1 per person yet - '...little drops of water, little grains of sand....'.
He then introduced the evening's distinguished speaker, Mrs. Kate Elliott. Kate is a professional writer and one of her recent achievements has been the publication of 'The Mumbles Lifeboat Station', arguably, one the finest and most comprehensive histories of this famous vessel ever written. The book has enjoyed great sales and a reprint is imminent. Kate's talk was based on the enormous amount of research she carried out to produce this fine work. Supported by beautiful illustrations, and near word perfect, Kate took us on a journey from the earliest days of the oar-powered boats to the magnificent, multi-million pound craft that now is launched from the new boat house on Mumbles Pier. During the course of this, many of the famous old personalities that manned the boat were singled out for mention. However to get the full story, all I can say is buy the book! It's a magnificent read.
The evening concluded with the usual excellent buffet; on this particular evening, far in excess of requirements!
Next meeting is on Tuesday, 19th June and the talk is on:
'The Penhlergaer Woods Restoration'.
The woods is part of the John Llewellyn estate and, along with the gardens, is being restored to its former glory. It is a vast project and is on-going. A further six figured grant has recently been made available to complete the walling of the estate. We are invited to tour the gardens at a later date. What are the views of the members on doing this as a party?
The next meeting is the last of the season and we do not assemble again until September. So turn up in your hundreds and let's close down for the summer recess on a high! Bring a friend to share our fellowship.
FIFTY CLUB - Last month's draw was No. 16 - & Sheelah Francis was the lucky winner



P.C.C. Pickings 

The Parochial Church Council met on Monday 14th May in the Upper Churchrooms.
Ministry Area The Vicar reported that the Lent, Holy Week,
Easter and Ascension combined Ministry Area services had been very well attended and received. The next meeting of the Executive would look at ways of developing our shared ministry and outreach to the wider community of Mumbles.
Finance The meeting was informed that £15,000 had been paid towards the 2018 share and that a meeting had been scheduled with the new Chair of the Diocesan Board of Finance and Diocesan Secretary to look at ways of responding to the historic share arrears.
Restoration ADpeal Roger Beynon reported that work to replace the tower roof, repairs to the coping stones above the Lady Chapel arch and the enlargement of the valley soakaway pipe were near completion. He also reported that the historic Church clock was being repaired at Smith's of Derby and would be returned by the end of June.
He hoped that the painting of the south aisle and the cleaning of the rood screen and font cover would be completed by the end of the summer. He had also represented the parish at a national architectural award ceremony in April when the new porch had been a runner up. Roger was thanked for overseeing these projects.
Ostreme A recent response from the South Wales Police was very positive to proposals for the redevelopment of the site.
Parkinq A notice would soon be erected to notify users that the car park would be locked overnight from 6pm and 9am.
Curate's House The Vicar informed the meeting that the tenant had given notice and would be leaving the property at the end of June. It was decided to defer a decision on the future of the house until the next meeting.
Patronal Festival A service of thanksgiving and celebratory lunch will be held at All Saints' to mark the Patronal Festival and completion of the restoration project at 10.30am on Sunday 28th October.
Next Meeting The next meeting would be at 10.30am on Monday 16th July in the Churchrooms.


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