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Our Prayer Board

If you wish to write a prayer for someone special or just share a simple prayer,  please click here . We shall add your prayer to this page within a day or so. You do not have to leave your name.

"Have faith in God," Jesus answered. "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you will receive it, and it will be yours."   St. Mark.


I ask for prayer, through intercession of St. Dymphna, for healing of my 8 year old son Nicholas, who is after four heart surgeries as a result of which also suffers from cerebral palsy and epilepsy. And for us parents about the healing of neurosis and depression. Jesus we trust in You ! God bless you. Arek

My beloved husband has been suffering from recurring e-coli. He is on medication but is exhausted from the repeated bouts of fever. Please, please I pray may he be cured of this bacteria completely and be restored to his normal good health and high spirits.  Amen.  


Heavenly father through the Lord Jesus Christ, please hear my cry for help and let my friend and soulmate Caz make a speedy recovery from an operation she has received for a blood clot on the brain. Please show your power and grace through Jesus Christ and help us in our time of pain. Amen.


May God please help my sister. She is a very kind and devout girl. She is fighting stomach cancer. I pray that she will have a chance to live a long life. She is newly married. On behalf of my parents my sister and myself I pray for her recovery.
Rupa Debnath Saikia.
I  pray specially for my son Nicholas. I just pray that he can settle down and forcus on his school work and stop all the evil distraction that is around him. I know with God's help all things are possible.
  Please God look after my dearest brother David who was much loved and passed away suddenly on Saturday. Our family are devastated, we pray that he is safe in the arms of our Mum and Dad. Please God hear our prayers...   Mary

Bill, a person on my office board is in the hospital with an unknown illness. Recently, his house also burned down to the ground. He is living but is in pain. He and his family are believers. Pray that God would guide him through this turmoil. God was merciful to him when his house burned down because his sons went in to get him out of the house. God, if it is thy will, help him. Amen


Dear God, please take care of my friend Gail. If there is no betterment for her then when the time comes please look after her little children give them the strength to cope without their wonderful mum. Thankyou.
Please pray for my nephew Kevin who was diagnosed with a brain tumour. He is only 40 years old and has three small children. I ask for him to be restored  back to full health.    Marion Buckley
Hi, my father, PD Rengtobum, has been diagnosed with lung cancer and isdeveloping pneumonia he is in critical condition in ICU but I believe in the power of prayer to help us. Thank you for your prayer support. 
PD Angir Chiru,
Please pray for Andrew who has very serious heart problems and is at risk of losing his house. He is very lonely and despairing and beside himself with worry.
Thank you.
Please pray that my son comes back to the source of his being as he's astray at the moment.  Heather
Please pray for my dear nephew who is nice young man with so much potential but can't get his life in order due to mental illness and addictions, and for my sister who is under so much stress trying to properly care for him. Please hear my prayers, Sweet Jesus, and those of Your Blessed Mother and St Dymphna whom I have asked for their intercession for Grant and Jill.      Kimberli Hahn
I am in the process to discern my calling towards Franciscan religious order. Please pray for me, may the Lord gives me peace and lighten my paths. if the calling is indeed mine, may I have the courage to say 'YES' to the Lord with no fear and doubt. please pray for me...  Austein Harry Dward
My love goes to all on the "Prayer Board." May I ask for a prayer to ensure my son doesn't get "lost" in a world dominated by evil. May we ALL see the light. (H)
For my dear brother in law Ian Maunder who sadly passed away 11 November. May God bless him. I send my love and prayers always in my heart. Eileen Odonnell
Please pray for my dear friend Tyler. He was recently diagnosed with brain cancer and he's only 28. He is the kindest person I know, and he a radiant spirit. Please pray for his recovery, and for happiness in his life. He is such a lovely person. Thank you.
May I request all to pray for my special friend who is fighting with cancer and has a 8 year old child. Can we all pray for her full recovery in name of Jesus. Amen      Neelmum.
I have a wonderful friend Bill Donahue who at the weekend had a massive heart attack. He's on life support with not a good prognosis, he has 2 young boys and a wonderful wife. Please say prayers for him and his family. Thankyou,  God please watch over him and help him to recover. Amen.       Jools Smith
My friend who lives in Italy , is not well, she is waiting for her test report from hospital, I pray to God that this will be positive, and she will recover from her illness soon.
One of my close friend's ( Classmate) father was admitted to hospital last night and the doctor said he has only 12 hours to live . I  pray for her dad and for her to be strong.  Please pray for them with me.
My sister Manju is hospitalized for apost pregnancy problem . Please pray for her speedy recovery and good health and joy.  Archanaa
Please pray for my friend who has brain cancer.
  Please Lord,  rid my wife Nikki's body of cancer, please restore her health and we will give you the praise and the glory. 
We ask this in the precious name of Jesus Christ, our lord and saviour,
Let us pray sincerely for peace in Gaza and Israel and indeed for world peace. May God and His Angels direct world leaders to healing and positive decisions that benefit all people everywhere. Amen.
Your prayers are asked for Luke, 17 years old, who has an inoperable brain tumour. May it please Almighty God to help Luke recover and live a full life, through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen
I Pray, and I hope others will, for my sister Sue, who has just been diagnosed with Dementia, to see someone you love just slip away from the person that once was is heart breaking, so please pray for my sister that a miracle happens and she can be the best she can be or the person she once was, yes a big call but... that's why I'm hear. Thank you and thank God  Paul
Lord may it please you to bring renewed health to Sandie as she faces more chemo and may her scan prove to be good news for her.  Mark
Lord Jesus, please help my sister CATHE to recover from her illness.

Dear God, please touch me to have a forgiving heart, and please touch my partner as well to have a wide understanding. Amen


Lord I have faith in you that I will be moved school at Christmas and will be accepted, also be starting at January, everyone please pray for me for I'm so unhappy and can't cope, in Jesus name, Amen.  Stephen.
Please pray for my mum's friend's daughter who has had sudden bad news and faces major surgery. I pray they find the strength to see this through. Heather
Dear God and Angels, please hear my prayer and if it be your will, help our wonderful friend who has COPD, a lung transplant which he desperately needs. I pray too for his wife and family. Thank you.

I have been diagnosed with COPD Chronic Obstructive Pulmanory Disease by a medical doctor who gives no hope of treatment or cure. I am seeing a Holistic Doctor who is treating me. I am a retired Houston Police Officer and I have always done what I could to help others. Now I need help from God, a miracle healing and return to full health. I thank you in advance and may God bless you. Charles Sheffield

I pray simply that my friend Sandie will be well and will get through all the treatment that may lie before her.  Mark
Please keep in your prayers our curate Fr. Steven, ordained priest at Brecon Cathedral 29th June 2013
Dear Father,  I know you are listening and have a lot of requests but please Lord make my daughter Carrie well. Please God do not take her away so young from her family. I will do anything you ask of me in return. Please God grant this for me. Amen. Lord hear my prayer.  William Fielding
Holy Father, please fully heal my daughter Carrie from cancer and restore her to full health. Amen. Lord hear my prayer.  William Fielding
Please pray for a friend's recovery and give his 
family strength at this time. Especially Nicola. Amen

Please could I have your prayers for my Uncle Jim who has stomach cancer and only 4 weeks to live, please pray that they got it wrong. For my good friend Harry who passed away in the early hours of Sunday morning with cancer with 3 brain tumours, I can’t believe he has gone, I think he is still alive.  Many thanks, Lisa.

Please pray for my daughter, as she still hasn't started walking. She is now 3+ years. Please pray for us. I am also in tight financial situation, please pray for us. Shibu Joseph

For the All Saints Church Restoration Appeal

We thank you, Father, for this house of prayer and for those who have  served you faithfully in this place through the ages. Bless our appeal and help us go forward with faith, serving you and all people in Christ's name. Amen

In the comfort of your love I pour out to you my Saviour,
the memories that haunt me,
the anxieties that perplex me,
the fears that stifle me,
the sickness that prevails upon me,
and the frustration of all the pain that weaves about within me.
Lord, help me to see your peace in my turmoil,
Your compassion in my sorrow
Your forgiveness in my weakness
and your love in my need
Touch me O Lord with your healing power and strength. Amen

Michael Sumner


Your prayers are asked for our Confirmation Candidates 2012: Isobel Ace, Niahm Howden-Evans, Hugo Harvey, Lucy Hole, Lucas Lewis Smith, Abi Berry, Georgie Ingmire, Charlotte Koscian, Christine Llewellyn and Andrew Smith - May they be filled with the Holy Spirit and strengthened with the Bread of Life to serve the Lord faithfully all their days. Amen

Please pray for my special friend Harry, my friend for over 30 years. He is fighting cancer. He had bowel cancer in 2006 and on Dec 23rd 2011 it spread to his lungs. It is inoperable and incurable. Last Tue 17th Oct 2012 he had a brain scan and the next day he was told the devastating news that it has spread to his brain. He has three small tumours.  I don’t want to lose him as I love him very much, he is 52. Please pray for him. Many thanks, Lisa. God  Bless.

 from Lisa Coughlin

A Grace from Rhys Norman, aged 8, from Exeter

Please remember Fr Steven Bunting in your prayers as he begins his work in the Parish of Oystermouth, July 2012
Dear Rev'd Canon Evans,
I read your letter on the parish website concerning Dr. Rowan Williams. The fighting in the Anglicam Communion is sickening to say the least. Yet, this is where I feel God is calling me. I was Baptist until conversion to Catholicism in 1987. I view this as a mistake. My heart is squarely in Canterbury. Please pray for me and God bless the Archbishop of Canterbury. He is a most wonderful man.
Jonathan Phillips
Cincinnati, Ohio USA
Pray for complete healing of Jose who is afflicted with Guillen Barre Syndrome. Pray also for Theresa and Florante, for their tempers and bad treatment of people around them. From Sunny.
Please could you pray for my friend Henry Coughlan who is fighting cancer, I do hope God answers my prayers . Thank you if you could do this for me. Lisa Coughlan
I'd like to offer a prayer for all those who are THAT alone and afraid that they take their lives. Peace be with those they leave behind. Amen
Please pray for the soul of Jonathan Lewis departed today 12/11/2011.

Please pray  for my sister Ruby Goode to get better soon. I hope she will walk again, please pray for God to look after and keep her safe in Dyffryn Ardudwy in Gwynedd at Coed Y Brenin. I love her so much. God Bless.

Jack Goode

Dear Father God,
Please help all the deaf people in the world, whether they are mildly deaf or profoundly deaf. Help them to find a good way to communicate with others so that they can be
whatever they want to be.
Please also help people to be kind and caring towards deaf people, and to understand how difficult it is to be deaf.
Lord in your mercy
Hear our prayer
Alfie Williams
Please pray for our Confirmation candidates 2011 who will be Matthew and James Broderick, Angharad Howden-Evans, Maxim Harvey, Joe and Hannah Lyden, Lydia Price, Alfie Williams, Yana Austin, Amanda Fencott, David Griffiths and Sheila Rees.

For my only sister Eileen who stays in Texas and is very ill at the moment, she needs a double lung transplant, and for my mum Rebecca who is also not well. Please keep them both in your prayers. Thank You.

Lisa Coughlin

Please remember in your prayers our eleven confirmation candidates for 2011. The juniors are Matthew and James Broderick, Angharad Howden-Evans, Joe and Hannah Lyden, Lydia Price and Alfie Williams. Our adult confirmands are Yana Austin, Amanda Fencott, David Griffiths and Sheila Rees

Your prayers are asked for a very young, very innocent and extremely vulnerable MISSING - BRITISH - CHILD whose name is Madeleine McCann, now seven years old. Madeleine disappeared from Praia da Luz, on Thursday evening, May 3rd 2007, in Portugal. Please think about keeping a lookout for Madeleine, as nobody, as far as I am aware knows where young Madeleine might be in our world. With everyone's help we can bring young Madeleine back to her loving family in the United Kingdom, thankyou. For more information please visit w dot findmadeleine dot com . MAY GOD PROTECT YOU MADELEINE.
Graham Perry
I'd like to ask you to pray for my hard heart, heardened through tragedies and pain (it isn't hard all though). Please pray that I can meet life "head on", without running away due to my terror. I pray that I find that softness that lies within, buried deep but bursting to get out. Amen 
Hello my friends.
I just wonder if you would be kind enough to pray for healing. I have suffered from a severe depressive illness for most of my life, due to an abusive violent father. I would really appreciate it if you could offer up some prayers that I might heal from the mental hell I have suffered in my life.
Thank you so much, Amen
Your prayers are asked for 6 year old Stuart that he recovers his pancreatic function after a sudden plummet into diabetes.

Please pray for a forthcoming six hour breast cancer surgery to be successful.

Pamela MaGowan 

Please pray for our church and for more to hear God's call become clergy, the need is great.


Please pray for my husband who is suffering from enduring mental health problems threatening our 26-year marriage and making me live in fear. Please ask God to heal my husband so that we may live in peace. Catherine.
For our parish priests Keith and David and for Robert and John who sometimes take services, may God pour his love and many blessings on them. Amen.
Pray for lasting peace in our world, an end to all wars and violence that Christ's peace will come.