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February 2020

P.C.C. Pickings


The Parochial Church Council met in the Churchrooms on Monday 13th January 2020.

Co-option Stuart Batcup was co-opted to serve on the PCC. Financial update It was reported that full payment of the 2019 parish share, amounting to £70,863, had been sent off by the end of  December. £5,000 had also been paid off the historic arrears. This amount would be match funded by the diocese, resulting in £10,000 being cut from the deficit. The meeting welcomed this news and recorded its thanks to those who were supporting the parish generously through their regular and planned giving.

Car Park & Porch Doors Roger Beynon reported that the glass door contractors had visited the Church to discuss the ongoing problems with their use. The meeting was also informed that the initial faculty application for the extension of the car park had been started, though it was noted that there were insufficient funds to carry out the proposed work at the moment.

Safe9uardinq Babs Lewis [Safeguarding Officer] reported that DBS forms had been sent out to all those identified as needing them for their work in the parish. Some clear disclosures had already been returned and we were waiting for others to report back. It was hoped to have a new list of those with DBS clearance as soon as possible. Babs was thanked for overseeing this process.

Churchrooms The meeting expressed its thanks to Bernard Hex and Alan Thomas for installing a sink in the storeroom adjacent to the Lower Churchrooms toilet free of charge. It was hoped that this would benefit the art classes and the guests at the night shelter.

Curate's House Stuart Batcup presented a paper on the Parsonage at 83, Castle Acre [Curate's house], stating that the parish has the right in law to purchase the freehold. It was agreed to accept the proposal that Rowland Jones & Co be asked to advise the PCC on the valuation. The freeholder's agents had responded to our initial request with a valuation of £13,500 plus their fees. Having our own valuation will help to reach an agreement on the eventual cost. Stuart was thanked for his help.

Ostreme Stuart Batcup also presented a paper on possible ways forward for the future of the Ostreme Community Centre. The meeting expressed its frustration at the lack of progress by Mumbles Community Council. Initial discussions in September 2019 had agreed a full market rent of £15,000 per annum. Stuart reported that he had been invited to attend a meeting of the Community Council on the 14th January when it is hoped that the proposed lease would be agreed.

Eco Church There was a discussion about the possibility of making All Saints' an Eco Church'. This would involve making an application to be registered and making the building more energy efficient. The recent installation of the new state of the art LED lighting system and an energy efficient boiler would help in the registration and it was suggested that we also look at ways of making the Churchyard a better habitat for wildlife. A subgroup would be formed to look at this.

Garden of Remembrance The Vicar reported that he had been approached by members of the Flower Guild who informed him that they no longer had the funds to pay for the annual cost of maintaining the Garden of Remembrance. It was agreed that this would become the responsibility of the PCC and the Guild was thanked for so generously looking after the garden for several decades.

Fifth Sunday There was a discussion about having a Combined Parish Eucharist at lOam on the fifth Sunday of the month [which falls on four Sundays a year]. The Vicar stated that a number of people who had attended the combined service on the Sunday after Christmas suggested that we come together more frequently. It was unanimously agreed that there would be four combined services in 2020, with the first on the 29th March.

Licences The PCC secretary, Sonia Jones, was thanked for applying for and renewing the licences held by the Parish Eucharistic Assistants.

Next Meetinq 1040am on Monday 23rd March in the Churchrooms.

M.E.G. Notes

Our Christmas lunch at the Village Inn was excellent, I am sure the forty ladies who attended agree.

Next month our meeting is on Monday 10th February when we welcome Rev. Keith who will be taking us through his life in the Ministry, which I can assure you will be most interesting. Please show your support ladies. Friends welcome.


Men's Fellowship

In January we met for the Annual Fellowship Dinner at the Bristol Channel Yacht Club. It was a great evening of fine food and fellowship.

At the end of the dinner chairman, Les Harris, asked those present to remember two loyal members of the fellowship who had passed away during 2019, Tony Roberts and Tony Martin. He then extended his thanks to Grafton Maggs, Peter Rice and others for all that they do behind the scenes to make the fellowship such an enjoyable and successful society. The Vicar then rose to thank Les, on behalf of the Fellowship, for his unstinting work as Chairman.

The February meeting will welcome our very own Judge Stuart Batcup as speaker.

It will be held at 7pm [for 7.30pm] on Tuesday 18th February. Please note that the meeting will be in Church [as the hall is in use as a night shelter].

December 2019

MEG. Notes 

November 11th we welcomed Mervyn Jones as our speaker, who was excellent. Thank you Ladies for your wonderful support.
We do not have a meeting during December, but we have the Crib Exhibition.
We have our Christmas lunch on WEDNESDAY 8th January 2020! If you have not given your names please let Anne, Merlys or Brenda know. We are also taking names for the Church Christmas dinner at the Langland Bay Golf Club 13th December.
We would like to extend our deepest sympathy to Nita on the sad loss of her husband Tony.
Wishing you a very Happy Christmas. Brenda

Men's Fellowship

The Fellowship met in the Church Rooms on Tuesday, 19th

November 2019 at 730pm. There was an excellent turnout, one of the

biggest of the year, and with good reason! This was our last gathering

before Christmas and to justify such a special occasion, there was a

special bill of fare.

First of all, the speaker for the night was one of the county's top

orators, the learned historian, Dr. Gerald Gabb, whose recently

published three volume, 'Swansea and its History' has been acclaimed by layman and academic alike.

Gerald held his audience spellbound with his lavishly illustrated talk on An Older Swansea'. Pictures, ancient and modern, guided us through the growth of Swansea from its earliest beginnings. The address was peppered with questions being snapped out by Gerald to his audience to identify certain landmarks and pinpoint locations. Within the space of an hour, we saw how Swansea developed as a major port along with the building of a flourishing, dynamic town.

The amount of research and editing to produce such a talk, must have been immense and this, coupled with Gerald's light sense of humour and lack of pedantry made it a rare and most enjoyable experience to witness.

Chairman Les Harris [the renowned Newton Sage] thanked Dr. Gabb profusely and the Fellowship echoed its appreciation with prolonged applause.

At 830pm sharp. Dorian [who had been in the audience all evening] miraculously transferred himself to the kitchen and reappeared in the serving hatch, clad as a chef.

In front of him was a huge tray, carrying: fresh bread rolls, a vast dish of steaming hot roast pork, crispy crackling and a basin of hot apple sauce. With all the expertise garnered from his hostelry [The Village Inn], he served the clamouring, drooling mob which the Fellowship had now become, following the first gorgeous sniff of that delicious roast pork. It was truly ambrosial and there was enough for seconds if anyone could find room!

Finally, Les distributed forms of application for the Annual Dinner at the BCYC in January 2020, requesting early returns to secure a place.

And so, the curtain drops on the Men's Fellowship for 2019 following the most joyful of evenings. How blessed we are, in these tragic times, to have such shared moments!

On behalf of Les Harris and the Fellowship Committee, may I wish all our Fellows, their Loved Ones and 'those they should love' * [*Used by kind permission of Father David]

"A Peaceful and Loving Christmas"

Tony Martin

Immediately after the start of the Fellowship meeting, Chairman Les Harris asked the assembly to stand in a minute's silence as a tribute to the late Tony Martin.

Tony was a much loved and respected member of the All Saints Men's Fellowship but was remembered not for that alone. No matter when one visited All Saints, the chance was that one would bump into Tony who might be: "...finishing off the brickwork in a doorstep.....or" ...sorting out this electric wiring for the vestry.....and when encountered, he always gave his gentle smile and found time to talk. Tony never had a bad word for anybody and was always ready to listen and to give encouragement in his shy, retiring way. He was a lovely man and our world is truly a sadder place without him. He will be sorely missed by everyone. 'The bell tolls, indeed, for all of us'.

The Fellowship offers Nita and her family its most sincere condolences.



November 2019

MEG Notes 

We welcmed Grafton Lewis as our speaker this month. We had a most interesting talk on his life as a headmaster. Thankyou Graham.

Next month, 11 November, we have as our speaker Mr. Mervyn Jones who will be giving us an insight on his life for 40 Years of Diplomatic Welshness.Please give your support ladies, I can assure you of an excellent afternoon.

We would like to wish Margaret Davis a speedy recovery after her recent stay in hospital.

We send our sincere sympathy to Shiela on her sad loss of her Mum.


Men's Fellowship 

The Fellowship met in the Lower Church Rooms on Tuesday 15th October 2019. The attendance was well above average no doubt because of the interest stimulated by the prior advertising. After his customary warm welcome, Chairman Les introduced our two presenters for the night both of whom had travelled down from Cardiff where they lived and worked. Luke Maxwell was the Lead Cad

Cam Specialist and Roger Maggs the Head of Dental Technology at the

Heath Hospital, Cardiff. For the best part of an hour these two talented young men described some of the work that they shared and carried out at the Heath. The talk, delivered with immense enthusiasm, was supported with projected illustrations. For even better understanding, specimens of their finished work was handed round for inspection.

For we lay persons, this work is basically the construction of metal replacement parts in the human frame where there has been traumatic damage, disease loss or congenital malformation. These parts are made to the finest tolerance using computer cameras which relay information to an enormously complex robotic unit where a prosthesis is designed, and actually created by the deposition and fusion of layers of fine metal powder of molecular thickness. This part can then be fitted into the human frame with an accuracy - once undreamed of! These two scientists specialise in the maxillofacial field and have the ability to supply such parts to the maxillofacial surgeon - such parts as a complete half mandible which will fit in perfectly and quickly- with near miraculous results for the stricken patient.

It was a wonderful evening and, as an audience that night we had the privilege of looking in at the very latest techniques, as practised here, now, in Wales! Awesome! Yet, Luke agreed that with the incredible speed that technology is developing - all these techniques discussed on this night are already lagging behind the cutting edge of new developments and that on this evening we had been privileged to see - the early beginnings of a new world of surgery technology.

After a long bout of questioning, our two guests were thanked warmly not only for the quality of their talk but also for going to such effort in travelling from Cardiff to All Saints, Oystermouth for our enlightenment. Before their departure, we had the pleasure of sharing our buffet supper with them. An enlightening evening indeed!

Our next meeting is on Tuesday 19th November when we are privileged to have the company of an old friend, skilled professional lecturer Dr. Gerald Gabb, the renowned historian and author. His subject will be announced.

At this meeting, application forms will be distributed for the Annual Dinner in January 2020 [limited numbers as usual]. There is no meeting in December 2019.

February 2020 [at tremendous expense]. His Hon. Judge Stuart Batcup holds Court.

Remember, there is always a warm welcome for any of your friends at the All Saints Men's Fellowship!

At this time of the year when our thoughts are leading to Christmas, the New Year and the Annual Dinner it is fitting that we remember the loss of our dear friend and loyal member of the Fellowship, Tony Roberts, who passed away during the year.



October 2019

Men's Fellowship

The Fellowship met on Tuesday 24th September 2019 in the Church Rooms. Those of an servant nature will note that this date is a week later than usual and in case of any future misunderstanding, it must be

pointed out that this is a one-off situation. Occasionally within a busy Church organisation such as ours, events coincide, necessitating a littlegive and take to accommodate all wants. The Men's Fellowship is fully aware of this and readily co-operates.

Unfortunately the scheduled speaker for the night, Canon Huw Mosford, was unable to

attend being caught up in a meeting in Munich. He has promised to speak later in the year.

With barely a week's notice, our very own Canon Keith, volunteered to fill the bill.

Unfortunately, I was unable to be present at this meeting, feeling rather under the weather. However,

by making a few phone calls, I was able to acquire a good idea as to how the night went.

I am told that it was a great success. Canon Keith in his own, laid back, unaffected way took

his audience on a journey through his early church life, recounting some of the many incidents that

had made their mark on his career. As ever, never far below the surface there is humour fighting to

get through and many incidents were seeded with the Canon's warm wit. A heart warming talk which

spelled out plainly how much this remarkable man has given to his calling and how much more he

has felt himself to have received.

Chairman Les thanked Keith warmly and the audience responded in the usual way. It had

been a most entertaining and rewarding evening.

It was only right that the evening should finish on a high - which it did - with a magnificent

buffet supper - a specially included item being crisp, browned sausage rolls in the speaker's honour!

Next meeting, in the Church Rooms,

Tuesday 15th October 2019 at 7.00pm for 7.30.

Speaker: Roger Maggs, Senior Technician Heath Hospital, Cardiff.

"The New Technician, his role with computers and robotics in the world of surgery."

Remember! There's always a warm welcome waiting for your friends at the All Saints Fellowship - bring them along!


M.E.G. Notes

I think I can safely say our afternoon tea was a great success. A good time was had by 32 of us!

We meet next on Monday 14th October when we welcome Graham Lewis as our speaker. He will be informing us of his work as a headmaster. I can assure you it will be most entertaining. Please come along and give your support ladies.

I would like to extend our deepest sympathy to Yvonne on the sad loss of her husband Tony.


P.C.C. Pickings


The Parochial Church Council met in the Churchrooms on Monday 23rd September.

Financial update It was reported that there were sufficient funds to make the parish share payment of £17,500 by the end of September. It was also hoped that the parish would meet the share by the end of 2019 and pay £5,000 off the historic arrears.

Car Park & Porch Doors Roger Beynon reported that ground surveys had been completed prior to the extension of the car parking space in the Churchyard. A faculty application was approved. He also reported an issue with the external glass doors which he would raise with the restoration project architect.

Safequarding The Vicar reported that Babs Lewis [Safeguarding Officer] had begun the process of checking those who had received clear DBS in the parish.

Churchrooms A subcommittee would look into the proposal to install a shower into the Lower Churchroom toilet or to use the space to divide the facility into two toilets. The group would report back to the next meeting.

Twinninq The meeting gave its enthusiastic support to the twinning of Oystermouth with St Thomas, Swansea and St John the Evangelist, Havre de Grace, Maryland.

Organ The Vicar reported that we were awaiting the recommendations of the professional advisor prior to approaching organ builders for estimates. He was happy to inform the FCC that the organ appeal now stood at £24,000.

Ostreme Stuart Batcup and Gareth Harris [of RJ Surveyors] were welcomed to the meeting. They reported that they were expecting a new lease to Mumbles Community Council in the region of £12,000 to £20,000. They hoped that the lease would be resolved that day.

Planninq for the future There was a discussion about planning for the future and the need to identify and appoint younger officers.

Sympathy The meeting expressed its deepest sympathy to the family of the late Katherine Williams. Katherine was a long serving member of the FCC and a faithful worshipper and chorister. The meeting expressed its thanks for the contribution she made to the life of the parish.

Next Meeting 10.40am on Monday 4th November in the Churchrooms.