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July - September 2019

M.E.G. Notes

We resume our meetings after our summer break, hope everyone enjoyed. Our meeting September, 9th as you all know is our FREE Afternoon Tea, as I have mentioned previously please could we have your names before 3rd September, either to Anne, Merlys or myself. Thank you very much appreciated. We will have a nice afternoon enjoying our food and having a chat!!

I am pleased to see that Jean Ricci is recovering from her fall, which resulted in a fractured wrist, hope to see you fit and well on the 9th. Thank you ladies, looking forward to seeing all out in force.


Men's Fellowship

            The next meeting of the Fellowship takes place on Tuesday 24th September 2019. This is one week later than the date originally advertised and apologies are offered for any inconvenience or confusion created

through the change.

Rev. Huw Mosford, the speaker for the night, has kindly fitted in with the re-arrangement. Huw, by virtue of his work with the Seaman's Mission, is a world wide travelled gentleman and amongst his experiences is that part he played in the centenary service on the site of the Titanic disaster.

The format for the evening is unchanged, we meet at 700pm for 7.30. The wine bar will be

open and there will be the usual buffet to wind up the night. Do not hesitate to bring a friend to share

the warmth of our fellowship.

Meanwhile, enjoy what remains of the summer season and soak up that vitamin D whilst it is

still on offer - there are dark days ahead!

Remember!! Tuesday 24th September 2019. 7.00pm for 7.30!!!


P.C.C. Pickings

The Parochial Church Council met on Monday 16th July.

Parking: This remains an issue for Church and hall users, especially since the opening of the new restaurants at Oyster Wharf. It will be our intention to lock the car park gates from 6pm to 9am, and occasionally prior to services and events in Church.

Finance: The Vicar reported that the parish share for the first half of 2019 had been paid and it looked likely that the full yearly share will be paid at the end of the year, together with £5,000 towards the historic arrears.

There was a discussion on the merits of giving by standing order and especially through the Church in Wales' direct giving scheme. It was suggested that an article be placed in the September magazine to inform regular worshippers of this facility.

Restoration: Roger Beynon reported that a quinquennial inspection of the Church was due and that no major issues were expected.

It was unanimously agreed to apply for a faculty for the extension of the car park using a a concrete mesh allowing the grass to grow through.

Ostreme: There was nothing further to report on the negotiations of a new lease to the Community Council. It was hoped that this would be resolved before the end of September.

Organ: A professional report on the organ is expected by the end of July, its recommendations would be discussed at the September meeting. It is hoped that, with funds in place, the work could be completed between January and March 2020.

Twinning with St Thomas: There was enthusiastic support for the proposal that Oystermouth should twin with the Parish of St Thomas.

Sound System: The meeting was informed that Rob Pendry had begun updating the sound system at All Saints'. The cost of the speakers and hardware had been met by the Men's Fellowship Fifty Club and Rob was thanked for providing the labour free of charge - as his gift to the Church.

Next Meetinq  : Monday 23rd September 2019 at 10.40am in the Churchrooms.

June 2019

Men's Fellowship

The Fellowship met on Thursday, 18th June 2019 in the lower Church Rooms. Attendance was well up on the previous meeting which came as no surprise, because this meeting was a very special one! Tonight was the annual celebration of the free fish and chip supper - that piscatorial tit-bit handout when the All Saints Church Rooms became, with the help of Dick Barton's, the 'plaice that launched a thousand chips'.

With customary bonhomie, Chairman Les Harris welcomed the assembly and, before introducing the speaker, reminded members that this was the last meeting before the summer recess. We shall not come together again as a group until Tuesday, 17th September 2019. Les then turned to welcome, and introduce, the guest speaker for the night, Mr. Gary Gregor.

At the last minute, for reasons best known to himself, Gary had decided to change the subject of his talk [as advertised, "Suicide in the Mackworth Hotel'7 to 'The Life of Edgar Evans of Port Eynon'. This elicited a surprising number of groans and murmurs of disappointment from the floor. Many had been looking forward to an evening of utter misery, desperate hopelessness and end-of-the road tragedy - as a follow up to the much enjoyed previous night's 'Eastenders'. However, Gary was unperturbed, he knew what he was doing and his change of subject bore fruit in that it brought to his audience an evening packed with pleasure.

Gary had obviously researched his subject in great depth; without a note and word perfect, he carried his listeners through the remarkable life story of Gower hero, Edgar Evans from his humble birth to his noble death. Most of those present were familiar with the story of Robert Falcon Scott having been reared as school children on such tales of British achievement and fortitude and, most too, were reasonably well informed as to the part played by Edgar Evans, our local hero. But, on this night, Gary filled the many gaps in our knowledge, adding an incredible depth to the whole of this saga especially that of the last tragic days.

The questions and discussion which followed were prolific and it was pleasing to see the enthusiastic response which they elicited in the speaker.

Chairman Les then thanked him warmly and the audience showed appreciation in the usual way with generous applause.

Then came that annual moment of magic! Simultaneously with the last clap echoing in the rafters, so the assembly room doors opened to admit Basil Tavinor, as always punctual to the minute! Heavily laden with neatly paper wrapped parcels, he crossed the room trailing behind him the disseminating fragrance of freshly fried cod and chips. The response to this stimulus was instant. There was a surge forward from the audience, the secretion of gastric juices reached an audible level, chairs were noisily displaced - these men were restless with hunger. Soon, however, every member, including the guest speaker, was seated and tucking into a supper almost too hot to mouth. Silence now reigned except for the odd sound of chomping jaw and dripping vinegar. How joyful it was to see so many of our Fellows eating with such noisy, abandoned relish!

So, for another year, the fish and chip supper night is over! Yet, there are many other pleasurable moments to come, not the least of which will be the annual dinner in January, 2020. Before that and after the summer recess, the Fellowship is privileged in having three outstanding speakers to complete the year's programme:

September 24th: The much travelled, Canon Huw Mosford [Vicar of Llanelli], will share with us his experiences when Head of the Mission to Seafarers and which includes his part in the 'Titanic Century in the Sea', *please note the later date*

October 15th . (Specially travelling down from Heath Hospital, Cardiff):

Roger Maggs, M.Sc. Chief Surgical Technician, Medical School.

'Computer technology and manufacture of surgical implants- the new way of doing things'. November 19th Judge Stuart Batcup. Title to be announced.

On behalf of Chairman Les Harris and his Committee, I wish all our fellow members a very happy summer break. We look forward to meeting up again in September, hopefully with all of us fit and well after enjoying a good summer. Remember the Fellowship is always there and will be ready to welcome back you, and your friends, warmly in September!


M.A.G. Notes

Last month's meeting went really well. We welcomed Lynne Joseph who gave us an excellent talk on her journey to Mount Everest. It was enjoyed by each and everyone of us.

Wishing you all a happy holiday.


I would very much appreciate it if you could ring me -                                                            541792 or
Anne W466885 or let Merlys know before 1st September regarding our Afternoon Tea on the 9th September. I need to know the numbers in advance for me to order sufficient food for us.

There will be a list at the back of the church prior to that date so that you can also put your name down. Thank you very much ladies, looking forward to hearing from you.



May 2019

Annual Easter Vestry [Parish AGM1

The Annual Easter Vestry Meeting was held in the Lady Chapel on Sunday 28th April. Eighteen people were present.

In his Chairman's address the Vicar was happy to report that worshipping numbers have remained relatively strong, the Church restoration project was completed and he thanked the many who contribute so faithfully to the worshipping and witnessing life of the Church.


The Parish Report was accepted and the following appointments were made;

Vicar's Churchwarden Peter Rice                         People's Churchwarden Basil Tavinor

Vicar's Subwarden             Les Harris

People's Subwardens Anne Nuemann

Parochial Church Council           Roger Beynon, Michael Charles, Alan Evans, Brenda Harris,

Carl Richards & Katherine Williams.

Parochial Church Secretary Sonia Jones                        Treasurer Julia Payne

Independent Financial Examiner Mark Batty

Gower Deanery Synod Anne Nuemann & Peter Rice

Diocesan Conference Anne Nuemann

Mumbles Cytun Representatives Pastor Wolfram & Anne Neumann

Ostreme Representative             Stuart Batcup

Mumbles Ministry Area Executive Anne Nuemann & Jordan Spencer

The next meeting of the PCC will be held on Monday 20th May at 10.30am.

M.A.G. Notes 

We had a wonderful afternoon when our Vicar Keith gave us a most interesting and uplifting talk on 'Stories behind some hymns. Thank you Keith a good time was had by all.
Next month 13th May we welcome Iris Williams who will be giving us a
-7- talk entitled "Samaritans", which I am sure will be most interesting. All welcome
you can also bring a friend along.
It is with great sadness that we heard of the passing of David, Pat Dyer's husband. We send you our deepest sympathy Pat to you and your family.

Men's Fellowship 

The Fellowship assembled in the Church Rooms on Tuesday 16th April 2019 for what was scheduled as a routine meeting. However, this was to be an evening with a difference in that Chairman Les Harris was in contrite mood.
With head bowed, he apologised for the serious maladministration which, that night, had brought about two omissions from the standard programme of a Fellowship evening - grave omissions and for which (he said) there was no excuse.
Due to the illness of Peter Rice, there was no wine bar and, if that wasn't bad enough, there was no post-lecture buffet to relieve those pangs of hunger with which members of the All Saints Fellowship seem to be perpetually afflicted.
This was received, at first, in stony, absolute silence, soon to be broken by the sound of ugly murmurings from the assembly and the dragging of chairs as the more volatile members began to rise in threatening manner. Unfortunately, alcohol deprivation can have this effect upon certain types of people.
Immediately, Les was shielded by his 'heavies', as Basil Tavinor, Michael Charles and David Palmer closed into pre-arranged position about him. One glance at the stony, deadpan faces of these dedicated, contract men was enough to stop the troublemakers in their tracks. Within minutes, order was restored and the evening settled down to a less tense pattern - with just the occasional muttering from the direction of Father Neumann.
Les persisted. As a veteran playing member of the Newton Whist Club he had survived many evenings of carnage and with the support of his three loyal hit-men he knew he could handle a situation such as this.
He introduced the speaker for the night who was then dragged out from his emergency hiding place in the kitchen.
Ron Austin, the highly acclaimed university academic, was warmly welcomed by the chairman as an old friend who had addressed the Fellowship on two previous occasions. It did not go unobserved, or unappreciated, that Dr. Austin was immaculately dressed - an old custom practiced by the experienced lecturer as a mark of respect for his audience. Nowadays, sadly, such sartorial elegance is reserved for funerals where modern taste demands that shirt collars must be too small and left unbuttoned.
His talk was enigmatically titled, "A Gross Miscarriage of Justice"
As an introduction, and assisted by projected pictures, Ron gave the background to his Gower ancestry with its earlier origins in the Forest of Dean, taking us back to the early 19th century. These were eventful times with the effects of the Industrial Revolution beginning to permeate the rural scene and, in many cases, changing the way of life there forever, regardless of the feelings of the indigenous population. Such was the situation forced upon Ron's antecedents in the Forest of Dean in 1831, one of gross exploitation.
Vast areas of the Forest, to which the local population had rights, were expropriated by outsiders for exploitation of the timber, coal and iron ore reserves - then in vast national demand. The natives had no say in the matter being not only denied access to their own land, but treated little better than slaves.

Warren James, a self educated miner, sure of his legal rights, took it upon himself to fight for the foresters. He organised a revolt to protect their traditional way of life and stave off the increasing poverty. For his pains, he was arrested, found guilty of insurrection and transported to a prison colony in Tasmania. This was the nub of Ron Austin's lecture -'the gross miscarriage of justice'.

Eventually, for political reasons Warren James was granted a pardon but it came too late for this brave man to return and end his days in his beloved homeland. Warren James left his mark and to this very day is remembered with profound affection and respect, in the Forest of Dean.

Ron Austin is a superb lecturer. His meticulously researched subject was delivered with barely a glance at notes, in word perfect fashion. On this night, All Saints Fellowship had, indeed, been royally entertained.

Chairman Les thanked the speaker and the audience (good humour now restored) applauded warmly.

Before the meeting dispersed, Les gave an appeal for sponsorship on behalf of our Hannah Williams who is running in the London Marathon. There was a generous response (especially from our speaker) and the collection was rounded up to £100.00 by a donation from Fellowship funds.

Finally, before closing the meeting, Les reassured the assembly that all would be back to normal for the next meeting and dangled the carrot of a free fish and chips supper in the very near future.

The meeting adjourned peacefully but, just to be sure, Les was bundled out through the lower door to an armoured car, chauffeured by Tony Cottle, waiting on the Mumbles Road.

Next meeting is on Tuesday 21st May at 7.00pm for 7.30 in the Church Rooms.

The Speaker is Mr John Powell and his subject:

"A walk along the old Mumbles Railway track - the history still there".

No need to bring your own sandwiches. Just bring a friend to share our fellowship.


April 2019

P.C.C. Pickings 

The Parochial Church Council met on Monday 18th March
in the Churchrooms.
            Finance: It was reported that we had sufficient funds in the current account to pay the firstquarter of the parish share, of  £17,750. There would be a meeting with the Diocesan Secretary and representatives of the Diocesan Board of Finance to look at our historic arrears.
Church Clock: Roger Beynon reported that the clock was now functioning well and keeping time. Bernard Hex and Alan Thomas were thanked for overseeing the weekly winding and upkeep.
Curate's House: It was agreed that Dawson's Estate Agents be instructed to put the Parsonage up for sale. The estimated value is £230,000, though this could be reduced because of the 47 years left on the leasehold
Safeguardinq: The meeting was pleased to appoint Barbara Lewis as the new Safeguarding Officer for the parish. She was thanked for offering to oversee this important role.
Ostreme: The Vicar reported that the Community Council had approached another surveyor to act for them in the negotiation of the rent of the hall. It was hoped that this would be resolved quickly.
Fire Safety: Peter Rice informed the meeting that a fire door had been ordered for the Lowe Churchroom at a cost of £500. It would be fitted by the men's working party. Donations to the Tuesday Night Shelter would be used to offset the cost.
Car Park: Roger Beynon agreed to contact the architects who originally drew up plans for an extension to the car park. The PCC considered two options. The first would create three new rows on the existing grassed area to the west of the existing car park. The preferred option was to create one row, which would give an additional 12 parking bays. The bays would be laid with a concrete mesh, allowing the grass to grow through it. This would increase capacity from 14 to 26 cars. It was agreed to apply for a faculty for this second option.
Sound System:  Rob Pendry was thanked for upgrading the radio microphone aerial and receiver.
Next Meetinq 1040am on Monday 18th March 2019 in the Churchrooms.

M.A.G. Notes 

We had an excellent afternoon with Grafton as 

our speaker. It was most entertaining with much laughter. Thank you so much Grafton.
Next month we meet on the 8th April, when our guest speaker is our very own Canon Keith, who will give us a talk about some of the stories behind our favourite hymns. Looking forward to the afternoon and to your support ladies.
We send our best wishes to Iris Williams, Beryl Richards, Alethea Tavinor and Christine Llewellyn who have been in hospital recently.

Men's Fellowship 

The Fellowship met on Tuesday 19th March 2019 at the usual time of 700pm for 7.30. It was disappointing to see such a low turn out, with numbers barely into the twenties. Chairman Les Harris passed
comment accordingly.
            The speaker for the evening was an old friend, Mr. Brian Richards, who had travelled afar, from Gorseinon, to deliver his talk. His
subject was of an esoteric nature, "Mozart, His Music and his Masonry" which, perhaps, accounts for the poor attendance in that it called for a degree of concentration.
Those who were present however, thoroughly enjoyed a spell binding evening and that included those who were not brethren in this ancient craft. Brian had obviously spent an enormous amount of time in preparation because he succeeded in getting the salient points of his discourse across to both the initiated and uninitiated members of his audience. All this, coupled with Brian's congenial manner, blended to make it an evening of first class entertainment and enlightenment. Chairman Les thanked Brian warmly and the Fellowship showed its appreciation in the usual way.
The evening finished in good fellowship fuelled by a first class buffet.
Next meeting is on Tuesday, 16th April at 7.00pm for 7.30, in the Lower Church Rooms. The speaker for the evening is Professor Ron Austin and he, too, has chosen a rather cryptic title for his lecture:
"A Question of Miscarriage of Justice?"
Please note the date and venue. Knowing Professor Ron of old, this should be an evening of great entertainment with no shortage of laughs and remember that your friends are always welcome to share the warmth of our Fellowship.

March 2019

M.A.G. Notes

It was lovely to see Merlys back amongst us again, welcome back


We had a most successful afternoon, with an excellent attendance, including new members.

Barry Evans was our speaker his subject being Adelina Patti, it was brilliant and was enjoyed by all, it was, many thanks Barry.

Next month we welcome Grafton Maggs, who will be reminiscing "Comedians From the Past". The date is Monday Afternoon 11th March. We would like to wish Betty Jenkins a speedy recovery following her recent surgery.

Looking forward to seeing you all next month.


Men's Fellowship

The Men's Fellowship met on Tuesday 19th February 2019 at 700pm, the first regular meeting of the New

Year. And it could not have got off to a better start! There was an excellent turnout which was warmly welcomed by Chairman Les Harris. After a few brief announcements, Les introduced the speaker for the evening - one of our All Saints Church  family - Mr.Graham Lewis who spoke on his career in the teaching profession.

Although retired a number of years, the remarkably youthful looking Mr. Lewis has lost none of his enthusiasm and pride for his profession. His opening words expressed this in no uncertain terms.

He took us on a journey through his college days to his first junior appointments and, with his pleasant sense of humour and delightful delivery, described how he rose through the ranks to eventually become a top Head Teacher.

There are few appointments, in any profession, that demand such dedication as this post - and understandably so. At the end of the day, it is the Head Teacher who sets the standards in his school and, via his staff, affects the future of all the children passing through his hands. An awesome responsibility often interfered with by people who know nothing about teaching a class of young children.

Graham Lewis had obviously enjoyed his career enormously and the professionalism he displayed is heart warming to those of us who are parents..

Les thanked him warmly and the Fellowship responded with prolonged applause in appreciation of a well prepared delivery.

The evening finished in the customary fashion with an excellent buffet.

Next meeting is on Tuesday March 19th 2019, at 7.00pm for 7.30pm.

The Speaker is Mr. Brian Richards who has chosen a most enigmatic subject:

"Mozart, his Music and His Masona'y".

Please bring a friend to the Fellowship to share good will and hospitality of which we have an



February 2019

M.A.G. Notes

Welcome back after your Christmas and New Year holidays.

We had our New Year lunch in the lower Church room, food supplied by Langland Bay Golf Club. Everyone commented it was excellent. We were entertained by Howell, who as usual was superb. Many thanks Howell. A good time was had by all.

It was voted to have our monthly meetings on Monday AFTERNOONS commencing February 11th at 2.30 pm which is our next meeting. Hence our new title Monday Afternoon Group - MAG!

Our first meeting we welcome Mr. Barry Evans, who will be giving us a talk entitled Adelina Patti. Please come and give your support.

Thank you ladies.


Men's Fellowship

The Annual Dinner was held at the Bristol Channel Yacht Club on thel5th January 2019. As always there was an excellent

attendance for an occasion which demonstrates just what the Men's

Fellowship is all about - shared good will and fellowship.

Chairman Les opened the proceedings with his usual cordiality and surprised us all by telling us that this was the 25th Men's

Fellowship Dinner! [What happened to all those years?!!].

Father Keith blessed the occasion with grace and an excellent three course dinner was served and enjoyed by one and all.

Chairman Les, traditionally, gave his annual report and thanked the members of his committee for their sweated labour. He thanked, too, those back room boys who do all the support work without which our meetings would be unable to function. The preparation of the room, raffle ticket sales, the wine bar staffing, the buffet preparation and the post lecture setting to rights of the hail - all need physical hands-on effort.

Then Father Keith had the last word. Hardly had Chairman Les taken his seat when our worthy vicar stood. It was to thank Les Harris for his tireless efforts as Chairman of the society, a position he has held for 25 years. Les has indeed been the corner stone of this prestigious group. There was prolonged applause from the gathering and Peter Rice rushed to Les's side to wipe his tears away and have a good blow into his handkerchief.

So, another annual dinner is over and the routine business of the year gets under way on Tuesday 19th February 2019.

Due to the Church Rooms being used for our "night guests" throughout February, this meeting will take place in the main body of the Church.

7.00pm for 7.30pm 19th February:

"The Joys and Perils of Life as a Head Teacher!" by Mr. Graham Lewis

Bring a friend to share the warmth of the All Saints Men's Fellowship!


P.C.C. Pickings

The Parochial Church Council met on Monday 21st January in the Churchrooms.

Finance: It was reported that the 2018 share [of £76,609] was paid in full by the end of the year. The Vicar informed the meeting that there would be a welcome 7.5% reduction in the share for 2019, which would fall to £70,863.

Leqacy: The late Dr Marjorie James had left a legacy to the parish and an interim payment of £22,500 had been forwarded. It was agreed to use part of the legacy to replace the sound system and the speakers for the digital section on the organ.

Church Clock & Fabric: Roger Beynon reported that engineers from Smith's of Derby would visit All Saints' 24th January. It was hoped that ongoing problems would be resolved. Contractors would also be asked to complete the restoration and cleaning of the Lady Chapel screen and font cover. He also reported that damp in the wall near the Lady Chapel arch would be an ongoing problem as the masonry dried out. It was agreed to lime wash the wall periodically.

Curate's House: The Warriors Working Party were hoping to repair and make good a number of identified issues in the house. It was hoped that the property would be put on the market in February.

Safequardinq & Messy Church: The meeting was please to appoint Barbara Lewis as the new Safeguarding Officer for the parish. She was thanked for offering to oversee this important role.

Messy Church was going well and had attracted quite a number of young families to the special all age Christmas services. Jordan Spencer and his team of volunteers were thanked for running this new initiative.

Ostreme: The valuation of the new rent had not yet been agreed by surveyors acting for the Mumbles Community Council or the parish. It was hoped that this would soon be resolved. The Council will take on the lease at the beginning 2019.

Orqan: Following advice from the Director of Music G.O. Organ buildings of Hereford had been appointed as organ contractors.

Fire Safety: The meeting considered several conditions from the fire safety report following a recent inspection of the Church rooms. It was agreed to implement the work, as a matter of urgency. The meeting also appointed James Williams as Fire Safety Officer for the parish.

Car Park: It was agreed to revisit plans and costings


 to extend the car park in the Church grounds.


December 2018

P.C.C. Pickinqs

The Parochial Church Council met on Monday 18th November.

Mumbles Ministry Area The Vicar reported that the parishes of the Ministry Area would be coming together for several combined Advent, Christmas and Epiphany services.

Restoration Roger Beynon informed the meeting that the painting of the south aisle had been completed and that the rood screen had been restored. The Lady Chapel screen and font cover would be cleaned at a later date. The PCC noted its thanks to Barbara Richards for raising over £1,800 towards the cost of the rood screen restoration, and to Alan Thomas and Bernard Hex for looking after the tower clock.

Finance £45,000 had been paid in parish share by the end of September, with £31,000 outstanding by the end of the year. The meeting hoped that, with a gift aid refund and a draw down from the School Fund, we would be in a position to meet the share in 2018.

Safequardinq & Messy Church As Katherine Williams was standing down as Safeguarding Officer it was agreed to let the Vicar approach someone else to take on this important role. Katherine was thanked for her work over the last few years.

It was reported that Messy Church was going well and the meeting thanked Jordan Spencer and his team of volunteers for running this outreach to children and young families.

Curate's House There had been a delay in putting the house on the market due to uncertainty over the number of years left on the lease. Now that this had been resolved the Vicar & churchwardens would instruct Dawson's to put the property on sale.

Ostreme The meeting was informed that the Vicar and Churchwardens [as trustees] had been approached by Mumbles Community Council with the proposal that they take on the lease of Ostreme at a full market rent. The Ostreme Association would then rent the hall from the council. The Vicar and churchwardens had agreed that the proposal be looked into. They would report back to the PCC once a rental figure had been agreed by the surveyors acting for both sides. It was hoped that the lease would begin in the New Year.

Given that the development of the site was now unlikely it was agreed that this proposal would be a good way forward for the community and parish.

Servers & Eucharistic Assistants The meeting unanimously agreed to appoint Jordan Spencer, Sonia Jones and Chris Pickard as Eucharistic Assistants in the parish [Sofia's & Chris' licences would be transferred from their former parishes].

Patronal Festival & Lunch The meeting felt that this had gone very well and the organisers and cooks were thanked for a most successful occasion.

Next Meetinq 10.30am on Monday 21st January 2019 in the Churchrooms.

M.E.G. Notes

We had an excellent evening with Stuart as our speaker, thank you for a most entertaining time Stuart.

We have no meeting in December.

Our January lunch will be held in the lower church room when we will have a two course buffet provided by The Langland Bay Golf Club. I can assure you of excellent food. If you have not put your name down please contact Merlys, Anne or myself. It will be on January 14th 12.00 for 12.30
cost £13.50 which includes a tip. Please let us know by 7th January.

I would like to wish you A Very Happy Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.



Men's Fellowship

The Fellowship met in the lower Church Rooms on Tuesday

evening, 20th November.

Chairman Les Harris welcomed the large assembly with the good news that the Annual Dinner would be held at the usual venue in January 2019, - the Bristol Channel Yacht Club. There had beendoubts as to its availability but all is now sorted. Forms of  application were distributed, with the usual request, that they be returned as soon as possible for ease of administration and also because numbers were limited. This request, of course, will be completely ignored.

The speaker for the night was introduced. It was one of our own, Mr. Henry Steane, the distinguished Civil Engineer, who, being well groomed and immaculately turned out, stood out like a beacon on a black Welsh mountain. He spoke of his profession.

From the beginning, Mr. Steane held his audience and, with great pride, spoke of his profession's origins and long history - reminding us that this year sees the 200th anniversary of the foundation of the Institute of Civil Engineers. We were warned, early on, that the talk would be plagued by the haphazard intrusion of "red herrings" and it is true that these sanguine creatures did swim into the main channel of the talk throughout the evening, however they did not detract from the flow or interest of the main subject but, on the contrary, added a little zest. He spoke of his personal career and many of his projects in different parts of the country with casual talk of bridges and roads here, and sewer systems and railways there - all with light hearted good humour.

It was a most enjoyable evening and what came across loud and clear was the message that here was a no-nonsense man who knew what he was talking about; a true professional who having done his job well, was quietly and immensely proud of what he had achieved.

The Fellowship responded to the Chairman's vote of thanks with warm, prolonged applause. The evening finished with the usual enjoyable buffet,

The next function is the aforementioned Annual Dinner in January, at the BCYC. Forms for which have been distributed. If you are not in possession of a form, contact Chairman Les NOW!

This is an opportunity for Chairman Les Harris and his Committee to wish all members:

"A Joyful and Peaceful Christmas with a Happy New Year to follow!"



November 2018

M.E.G. Notes

We had an excellent evening with John Powell who took us down memory lane' LETS GO TO THE TIVOLI'. Many thanks John.

Next month we meet on the 12th November, when we welcome Stuart Batcup with a talk entitled 'You Would Not Believe'. So come out in force ladies, it should be an interesting evening.

          We welcomed four new members recently. namely Betty, Janet, Joan
and Jennifer.

Next month will be the last meeting of the year, when we resume in January for our annual lunch, venue to be arranged.


Men's Fellowship

The Fellowship met in the Lower Church Rooms on Tuesday evening,6th October. Chairman Les Harris gave his usual warm welcome to the large turnout, and briefly ran through the coming events. He reminded members that the November meeting would be the last of the year at which full details would be provided for the Annual Dinner in January 2018.          

He then introduced the speaker for the evening - Mr. Peter Moule who was to speak on a subject of which little is known by the general public -'The Blood Bikes of Wales.'

We were soon to find out that this wasn't about a breakthrough in the frantic worldwide research for an alternative fuel to ozone destroying oil. This was not about a gore derived fuel. It was about what the bikes carried. Blood! In actual fact, as we were soon to find out, this was not the only lifesaving material transported in emergency haste as an adjunct service to the NHS.

Peter described the makeup of this organisation in the UK; how units were now strategically placed, in close relation to Hospitals and Ambulance depots across the whole country. Surprisingly, it is an organisation supported completely by charity; having, incredibly, no funding from the NHS.

The riders are couriers for those light materials urgently needing transport from one site to another e.g.: a supply of blood needed desperately at a faraway hospital; the transport of an urgent biopsy from one hospital to a specialist laboratory; insulin, antibiotics and even breast milk, for patients in remote rural areas, etc. etc. In Wales alone over a million miles was covered by these bikes last year, saving the NHS millions of pounds and covering the respective journeys in a fraction of the time formerly taken by bulkier transport.

Peter was ably supported by a colleague, clothed in full bad weather fig, who brought along one of the magnificent bikes for the Fellowship to see. This 1500 cc monster was dressed in hospital yellow and green and across its front below the handlebars was boldly emblazoned - "BLOOD!" These machines cost in excess of £17,000 each and are specially works adapted for the job they carry out. A big plus is the way a skilled rider, with blues flashing, can thread his way through the thickest of traffic jams [legally] to reach his goal- in a fraction of the time taken by the normal NHS transport [probably a double decker bus].

Peter then invited any member of the Fellowship, who wished to do so, to have a ride on the back of the bike. There was no rush to take up this offer.

Peter Moule was a great ambassador for this superb service, speaking with tremendous enthusiasm and Chairman Les made a handsome donation on behalf of the Fellowship. There was the usual warm round of applause in appreciation.

Next month, the Fellowship will be privileged to have one of its own as the speaker - and with a difference!

Eminent Civil Engineer, Mr. Henry Steane, will talk of his work in this most prestigious of professions.

There will be the usual format for the evening - finishing with a quality buffet. Remember! There is always room for friends to share the warmth of our fellowship.

See you on Tuesday 20th November 2018, 7pm for 7.30pm.