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Restoration Update

Tower Contractors have now replaced the covering on the Church tower roof. Though it was renewed two years ago it was found to be leaking in places. This has been done at no cost to the Church and we hope that it will resolve the problem and keep the tower watertight for many decades to come.

Lady Chapel The builders have now replaced the flashings above the Lady Chapel arch. This part of the building has also been letting water in for some time. They have also enlarged the soakaway pipe through the buttress in the valley between the old and new parts of the Church. They have added another pipe and put a metal cage around them to stop them from being clogged with debris. The old soakaway pipe wasn't really big enough to cope with the huge volume of water which flows from the nave roof in heavy rain.

Church Clock Smith's of Derby have now repaired the 143 year old tower clock and it is running again at their factory. It will be monitored for several weeks before it is brought back and installed in the tower once again. We hope that this will be completed by the end of July. We are so grateful to the Community Council and to many local people who have contributed to the Clock Fund.

Future Work There are two more jobs to do as part of our planned restoration of the Church. The south aisle is to be painted and the rood screens, at the entrance to the Chancel and Lady Chapel, will be professionally cleaned. We have the funds to do this and we hope that it will be completed by the end of the summer. It will round off the £750,000 major restoration of our ancient and modern Church in time for a special Service of Thanksgiving at our Patronal Festival on Sunday 28th October.

We thank all those who have supported the Appeal so generously over the last six years and HLF, Cadw and the many grant making bodies who helped us along the way.

We especially thank Roger Beynon for overseeing the work for us.

Restoring our Church to serve the community of Mumbles

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