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Ham & Turkey Pie

Recipe of the Month - Ham and Turkey Pie

I had a pleasant surprise a couple of weeks ago. I heard a heavy thud on the doormat and found that somebody had posted a large cookery book and several recipes cut from magazines from the 1950's. I couldn't see anybody and the matter remained a mystery until today when Mike Charles owned up to depositing his family recipe collection with me - thank you Mike.

What pleasure it has given me. This is adapted and slightly modernised from one of the recipes. It is useful for Christmas left-overs.

I onion, chopped                                  400g cooked turkey, diced

50g butter                                            200g cooked ham, diced

50g flour                                              bOg cooked sprouts

500m1 left over gravy                           1 bunch tarragon or tsp dried

200ml double cream                             Salt and pepper

I tsp mustard powder                           I pack shortcrust pastry

75g grated cheddar                              1 egg, beaten

Jane Peters

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