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Posted 10.3.17



A very big thank you to everyone who saved their used stamps over the Christmas period, and for a great number of stamps obviously unearthed from previous hiding places. They have all been sorted into categories of UK and Foreign and sent off to TLM.

The Home Collection boxes have also been received back. Again, many thanks for your continuing generosity. We raised £190.

TLM is currently directing funding towards a project to transform Purulia Hospital in West Bengal, which was built in 1888 and was the first Leprosy Mission hospital in the world. The Outpatients Department deals with up to 300 people daily. Space is cramped; patients endure hours waiting to be seen and there is very limited privacy for consultations. A new Outpatients Department would offer -

*comfortable chairs in waiting areas for people who have often walked many miles to attend clinics

*improved airconditioning

*updated toilet and washing facilities

*improved laboratory space for sample testing.

Fr. Keith has agreed that the 2016 amount collected from the Parish Home boxes will be directed specifically to the Purulia Hospital project, where it can be used to good purpose. Small change set aside regularly can collectively achieve so much.

I have TLM boxes waiting for your help. Please contact me on 01792 368065 and i will get a box to you.

Thelma Lloyd [Parish Co-ordinator for TLM]

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