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An occasional series of stories, historical and sometimes light-hearted, from the parish recalled and written by Grafton Maggs. Some of the accounts now have audio commentary.


Salute to the Men of the Mumbles Home Guard 1940
Unbroken Darkness
Chicanery on the Mumbles Pier
Gluteus Maximus, a tale of Celtic spirit
The man who collected
Toby Jugs
Mumbles Burns!

Amnon and Yaffa

Memories of School Days between the Wars
The Tuppenny Book
Cliff -The Welsh Icarus
The Haka and Aunty Muriel
"Focus on just one thing!..."
Send for Sparky!
Bryn Balsdon and HMS Repulse
The secret curtained life of Merkil Noot
The Writing on the Vic' Wall

Saturday Morning Haircut

*with audio commentary*


The Two Flies

*with audio comentary*

  The Origin of Mumbles Names
A Mumbles Christmas Poem
  Christmas in Mumbles between the Wars

What's in a name?

Mumbles Marconis

*with audio commentary*

The Mumbles Phoenix

Reluctant Heroes
  Aunty Minnie
  The New Wristwatch
  Mumbles Home Guard
May 1940

Vote! Vote! Vote!
For Harry Libby

*with audio commentary*

The demise of the back street shop
 The Tar-Men are coming!

Come to the 'Old' tonight

*with audio commentary*

Dolly Chugg and the 'Executioner'
   Bonfire Night
   Summer months in Mumbles  1939
   Banzai! Jim Kostromin and the Japanese General's Sword

 Spud Murphy makes the 'Front Page'


Langland Basy Bathing Fatality


The Cutting at

Mumbles Head


Objects Falling from above

Youc can hear them out 

on Green Grounds





You can now read the first ever Oystermouth Parish Magazine dated February 1899. Click here

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