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bullet Tuesday evening Night Shelter for the Homeless at All Saints'

Swansea Hope Night Shelter 2020 

- Call for Volunteers


This is the time of year that we make our annual appeal for volunteers to help run the Tuesday evening shelter in the Church rooms at All Saints' as part of the Swansea Hope Night Shelter which opens from the beginning of January to the end of March in 2020.

Our volunteers will need to undergo training later in the autumn and will be asked to sign up for some of the three shifts that run our shelter from 6pm on a Tuesday evening until 8.30am on a Wednesday morning. There is an evening, night and breakfast shift.

Please think about joining us in this important ministry. If you can help please let our co­ordinator, April Beynon, know [on 366110].

Swansea Hope Night Shelter 2019

Swansea Hope Niqht Shelter

The Tuesday evening Night Shelter at All Saints' opens its doors in just two months time. It's part of the 'Swansea Hope' initiative involving several churches across the city.
This year, a number of our former volunteers from St Paul's, Sketty, will be helping to man the shelter at St Stephen's Church, where there are very few local volunteers. So we would welcome some more offers of help. Sketty will also fund the St Stephen's shelter, rather than ours. So we might have a shortfall in what we will need to buy food to feed our guests and volunteers.
If you can help us in this vital work by becoming a volunteer or by donating money for the Tuesday shelter we would be very grateful
There are three more training sessions this month at Parklands Church, Sketty.
7.30pm Tuesday 5th & Wednesday 6th November [1 hour session for returning volunteers]
7.30pm Wednesday 14th November [2 hour session for new volunteers]
If you can help or want further information please contact April Beynon [Tuesday Shelter Co­ordinator] on 1,0366110. Many thanks.

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From January to the end of March 2019 several Swansea Churches will open their doors on different nights of the week to provide shelter for up to twelve guests who want to come off the streets.

We are so grateful to those who have forward to volunteer once again. Though most of our helpers are from All Saints' we will be once again joined by volunteers from St Paul's Sketty, St Samlet's, Llansamlet and several other local Churches.  We are delighted  to welcome helpers from Our Lady Star of the Sea Roman Catholic Church in Mumbles.

As in previous years there are three shifts: evening [6pm -10pm], nights [10pm-6pm], mornings [6am-8.30am].

A friendly welcome, a good meal and a warm bed to sleep in for the night really does make a difference to our guests.  The Shelter also helps a number of rough sleepers in the city to come off the streets for good. It's challenging and often enjoyable work.

If you would like to help in 2019 please contact our Parish Night Shelter Co-ordinator April Beynon on 366110.

You could also help by donating gloves and socks or give a donation to help towards the cost of providing a meal, taxis and heating the Churchrooms.


"I was hungry and you gave me food. I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink. I was a stranger and you welcomed me in"  [The words of Jesus - Matthew 25.35]